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We help individuals and their families use their wealth to fulfill the purposes they value most.

We Can Help You...

  • Develop a financial plan that will allow you to achieve your goals
  • Ensure that your family and business interests are protected financially
  • Fullfill your philanthropic aims in ways that are financially efficient
  • Protect and preserve your wealth to maximize its future impact
  • Develop a benefits plan that provides employees with protection and peace of mind

David Wm. Brown, Partner

“If you always want to be in the room with people who are smarter than you, you're never in the wrong room with David.”
- Rick Ekstein

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Elli Schochet, Partner

“ The only financial advice I take is from Elli Schochet.”
- Dr. Jon Barrett

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Golda Brown, Partner

“ I discussed family and our future with Golda in a way you only could with a woman.”
- Barbara Bank

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