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Life Insurance vs Mortgage Insurance?

January 4, 2023
Mortgage life insurance can be a great way to make sure your mortgage is paid off in the event of an untimely death. But it’s not the the best way for most people. This comprehensive article provides a detailed explanation

Addressing the best

August 29, 2022
Elli Schochet, our Managing Partner, recently gave an address on succession planning to the annual gathering of the top 5% of all life insurance professionals. Elli was the third of our partners given this honour following David Wm Brown in

The Gift of Generations

Sarah Brown recently reflected on the real purpose of charitable legacies when she presented a case study to the Professional Advisory Committee of the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto.

Family Business Transition

August 26, 2022
One of the most challenging issues many leaders face, especially family business owner-operators, is the eventuality that one day their role as a leader will end.

Allowances for kids create teachable moments

August 24, 2022
No matter when you introduce an allowance, how much and how often you give it, you can teach kids about finances, creating a safe space for them to mess up.

To find success, find your purpose

April 28, 2022
Success without significance — purpose, service, and meaningful relationships — is not really success at all. It’s important to properly reflect on how you can live a life imbued intensely not just with the superficial trappings of “success” but with

Benefits tops list of employee retention tools

April 21, 2022
A survey that polled more than 300 U.S. executives found that benefits tops the list of retention tools for employers. Also, healthcare benefits was one of the top three ways employers are investing in their employees.

It’s Never Too Early to Think About Estate Planning

March 22, 2022
While many young people may have previously considered estate planning something to address later in life, that has changed. Many now see that having a carefully thought-out estate plan is the key to building and maintaining generational wealth.

Helping philanthropically minded clients develop a charitable giving road map

For the charitably inclined individual or family who wants to give back to their community or endorse specific social causes they care about, selecting and prioritizing which charities to devote their time and financial support to can be daunting.

Perception of risk = perception of wealth

New research shows that how clients perceive their wealth relative to others also affects their risk tolerance. It may be necessary to understand how a client perceives their wealth relative to others, and to what extent they believe they can

Money can buy you time and happiness

Money can buy time and help achieve some happiness. But a lot depends on how you deal with your money.

The “day one” of succession planning

The earlier you begin planning a graceful exit, the better able you’ll be to make it happen — and make it your crowning achievement. If you’re an entrepreneur, "day one" is when your succession plan begins.

Affluent Canadians want to help their children AND the world

86% of HNW parents expressed both a desire and a responsibility to provide financial support for children attending post-secondary education. AND, two-thirds said they currently donate to charitable causes.

11 Steps to a financial plan

March 21, 2022
If you would like to stop wondering about whether you’ll ever realize your financial goals, and build a plan to actually reach them, here is a greater primer on building a financial plan.

Family Governance is critical to family business

Strong family business governance is a common and critical characteristic among businesses that thrive for multiple generations.

Estate planning is about more than just money

Oftentimes, but by no means always, the task of planning falls upon women, and estate planning is no exception. Estate wishes can be an uncomfortable topic of family discussion. Parents should form a habit of communicating early, frequently and share

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