Great minds have purposes,
others have wishes.

with Purpose


Investing with purpose

We work with you to find the investments that will meet your goals, needs and budget. If you are sensitive to the movement of the market, our investment products will provide you with the guarantees to make you comfortable. And, if you are prepared to assume greater risk, there are products that will meet your needs. Our goal-based investing process matches the future needs of an investor with an appropriate investment plan, aligning the amount invested and the type of investment with each investor’s risk profile. It takes into account the number of funds available, the length of time of the investment, its volatility and the sophistication of the individual investor.

These are just some of the investment tools and vehicles that will help you reach your goals.

Segregated Funds
These are the life insurance company’s version of mutual funds. They have both a death benefit guarantee and a maturity value guarantee, each of which provide security to the initial investment of the contract. Segregated funds may be creditor proof, which provides an additional level of protection to the investor. They can be offered as a variable annuity and are also free from probate fees.


Personal Pension Plans
The Personal Pension Plan (PPP®) is a government approved and registered pension plan that maximizes tax deductions for Canadian business owners and incorporated professionals. Utilizing pension legislation, the PPP allows a client to triple the tax assistance normally offered under RRSP rules over a lifetime.


Life Annuities
A life annuity is an insurance contract that guarantees a specified cash flow for life. Annuities can be based on the life of one individual (Single Life Annuity) or on the lives of two individuals (Joint Life Annuity). Life annuities take away the risk of outliving your savings and ensure a consistent income for as long as you live. Prescribed Annuities (non-registered) have a unique methodology of taxation that increases after-tax cash flow


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