Someone is sitting in the shade today
because someone planted a tree
a long time ago.

Your Financial


Your Financial Legacy

Whether through long days, wise investments or prudent money management, you have amassed wealth. Now, as you take a deep breath of satisfaction, you are beginning to think about the future of that wealth.

Who will take it to the next level and who will benefit from it?

How will the greatest possible amount be seamlessly transferred to future generations?

How can you use that wealth philanthropically?

What will your financial legacy be?

We’re here to help you answer all those questions – and more. As a firm with a multi-generational client base, we have decades of experience working with clients who want to maximize the value of their financial legacy. Many of our clients have accumulated more wealth than they need in retirement. Their priorities have shifted, and they are now focused on protecting what they have built from market risk and taxes so they can leave a larger legacy to their children, grandchildren and charitable causes.
We are experts at using life insurance as a tax effective way to preserve and accumulate funds. Life insurance allows for the growth of funds on a tax preferred basis with downside protection and risk management features that no other financial product offers.

Due to three important factors: guarantees, tax-free growth and the use of a capital dividend account, life insurance can create a larger estate for a family than would be possible using traditional investments.

There are many integrated insurance, investment and tax minimization strategies that can be used for the purpose of wealth protection and wealth transfer. Our mission is to help you establish your priorities and purpose and provide you with the tools to accomplish your financial goals.

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