People are definitely a company's greatest asset.
A company is only as good as the people it keeps.


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Empolyee Benefits

The most significant asset for most businesses and organizations is their workforce or employees. A healthy and happy staff complement will result in a positive work environment and increased productivity. Employee Health Benefit plans represent an investment in the wellbeing of the workforce and the success of an organization.

The challenge in designing and implementing an appropriate health care plan is matching the various needs of employees with the budget of the business. The funds put aside for health care benefits are finite and need to be invested in the most efficient and effective method. We will design a plan that meets the needs of your employees, delivering the promise you make as an employer, to provide health care protection in a manner which fits the business budget. A benefit plan is an important tool in helping to attract and retain employees in a tax efficient manner.

Insured Plans
Traditional benefits plans are fully insured and administered by the insurance company. These are priced based on a variety of factors including the cost of claims paid and claims forecasts.


Self Insured Plans
The Administrative Services Only or ASO plan, provides a great deal of transparency and flexibility for clients. It uses insured benefits to cover the high-cost, low frequency claims and self-insurance to cover low cost, high frequency claims. The administrative fees charged tend to be lower than a fully insured plan and there are no reserves that need to be established.


Health Care Spending Accounts
A Healthcare Spending Account can replace or supplement medical and dental benefits. It contains a pre-defined amount of funds which employees can access for medical or dental expenses not covered by another plan or for deductibles. Claims are submitted by employees and reimbursed at 100% up to the total dollar amount available in the HCSA.

Association Employee Health Benefit Plans

There are many advantages to having multiple organizations or employers purchase employee health benefits as an association. Typically, there are more coverage options. With the cost of benefits based on a much larger group, premiums paid by employers as well as the amount paid by employees are more stable and are often reduced. The plan administration is more efficient, making the individual claims process more responsive and user-friendly – and reporting to employers more effective. Industry or sector specific features can be incorporated into the plan. As part of an association, employers are better able to ensure the wellbeing of their staff members.

Over the years we have successfully assisted many associations in organizing and providing group health benefits. We act as the plan administrators, helping with all aspects of the process including finding the optimal provider, communication to association members and their employees as well as claims administration and resolution. These are just some of the associations we have worked with:


The La’Breyut Health Plan was established over 30 years ago to provide volume discounts, “special” coverage and sustainability to all of its participating agencies and organizations. The plan is always evolving to meet the needs of the Jewish agencies and organizations in the greater Toronto area and across the country. There are currently in excess of 1,000 employees and their dependents insured under this plan which is offered on two different funding arrangements – insured and a combination of insurance and self-insurance.


The Muskoka Parry Sound Public Purchasing Group is a collective of approximately 25 townships in the Muskoka Parry Sound region that has come together to create economies of scale for the common purchasing of goods and services. One of those townships was previously a member of another association to which we provided a benefits plan and referred us to the MPSPPG. As is the case with other association plans, each township stands on its own merit from a health and dental claim perspective. However, all members enjoy the volume discounts that are applied to the insured coverage as well as the administrative fees.


The OACFP Volunteer Benefits Plan is available to all members of the organization, providing lower administrative fees, based on volume of the total group. Each OACFP member receives direct communication with a Senior Employee Benefit Consultant from Al G. Brown & Associates. Customized billing is prepared for each individual corporate member of the association through a third-party administrator called The Benefits Trust.

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Over twenty years ago, we were approached by STAT – the Synagogue and Temple Association of Toronto to explore the possibility of establishing an umbrella employee health benefits plan. The goal was to secure a benefits plan that would be more cost-effective and comprehensive for each group. After a year of in-depth analysis and meetings, the STAT Association Group Benefits Plan was established and is now available to all member organizations. As administrators of the plan, we have had the opportunity to offer significant economies of scale to all of the member organizations, lower administrative fees and enhanced benefits.

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